Bart van der Sloot

Privacy & Big Data

Bart van der Sloot specializes in questions revolving around law and technology, privacy and Big Data. He also publishes regularly on topics such as the liability of internet providers, data protection and internet regulation. He is an associate professor at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society, Tilburg University, and is the General Editor of the European Data Protection Law Review. Bart has a dual background in philosophy and law.

Together with colleagues from Eindhoven University, Brussels University and the Netherlands Insititute for Human Rights, we have built a Handbook Non-discrimination for AI.

Download the Handbook here.

This is a report by me and two colleagues on the regulation of Deepfakes. 

Download the English summary here (available as of the first week of 2022)

This is the first output of my Veni research, detailing what a right to be let alone by oneself may look like.

Download the article here.