Fields of Expertise

Bart van der Sloot

Fields of Expertise

Privacy & the European Convention

The right to privacy, article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

The right to be let yourself

Do you have a right to be let alone by your (digital) self?

Who owns Privacy?

Can legal persons invoke the right to privacy? And what about groups or unborn children? 

Privacy & Security

Mass Surveillance, secret services, state of emergency & criminal law

Social & Horizontal Privacy

Privacy violations by citizens; drones, spyproducts, smart applications

Privacy as Virtue 

Citizens, businesses and states have a moral obligation to protect the privacy of others

Privacy as public interest

Privacy is not only an individual interest, but also a public interest and a minimum requirement of laws

Medical Privacy, Bodily Privacy & Privacy in Sport

Health privacy; gay marriage; gender-reassignment; artificial insemmination; decisional privacy; privacy & athletes 

Data Protection & Transnational Dataflows

The General Data Protection Regulation, the e-Privacy Directive & the EU-US data sharing agreement

Big Data & Privacy

Big Data, data analytics, profiling & automated decision making

Balancing & Weighing

Balancing and weighing are commonly used as metaphors in the legal and political context. Wrongly so.

Google Street View &  Behavioural Targeting

Google Street View, Cookies, Behavioural Targeting & Do not Track

Internet Providers & Media Agengies

The liability of internet providers, User Generated Content & Online Journalism

Open Data & Re-use

Open Data & the Re-use of Public Sector Information

Procedural law & access to justice in the 21th century

How should procedural law cope with trends like internationalisation, digitisation and bureaucratisation?

Electronic Program Guides & e-Books 

Electronic Program Guides, Smart-TV, Must-Carry Obligations & e-Books

Smart Cities & Living Labs

Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Living Labs & Behavioural Experimentation